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To serve the needs of an ever changing marketplace, Scot Industries is committed to innovation. We build most of our own machines to control quality and cut costs. We study our production processes to wring out even the smallest inefficiencies. And we commit capital to identifying new products and services to better meet our customers’ present and future needs.

Our commitment to R&D is responsible for producing tougher grades of steel, identifying innovative manufacturing processes, and uncovering new and better product applications. These developments have kept oil wells pumping longer, made automobiles safer, and produced better performing cranes. If you have a product or process you’d like us to research and develop, please contact us. We are continually investing in the future.

The Super Straight Story

Spiral Wave in Seamless Tubing

Ordinary honing equipment with 8″ stones will not alter the spiral wave in diameters over 4″. The piston and piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder are also trying to travel the spiral path drawn above.

Special Honing equipment with 24″ honing stones, available at SCOT Industries, will reduce spiral wave. Normally seamless tubing is hydraulic press straighten prior to honing with 24″ long stones.