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Company Overview

Since 1949, Scot Industries has been the premier supplier of specialty tubing product. Scot is the technological leader in the industry and is dedicated to meeting our customers’ most exacting demands, both in terms of product specification and JIT delivery.

Some of Scot’s products include hydraulic cylinder tubing, cylinder barrels, honed steel tubing, pneumatic cylinder tube, pump barrels, chrome ID tube, aluminum air cylinder tube, stainless air cylinder tube, brass air cylinder tube and DOM and seamless steel tube.

Scot is also the superlative manufacturer of chrome-plated piston rod in most common grades, including 1045, 1050, SW85, and Stainless Steel (chrome rod or chrome bar). We offer a wide range of sizes to fulfill diverse customer needs. The Scot metallurgical laboratory provides material research and development, and failure analysis.

Scot facilities and plants provide the following processes: deep hole boring, push boring, pull boring, trepanning, honing, tube and bar/shaft straightening, heat treating of long tubular products, skive and roller burnishing, centerless grinding of long tubes or bars, chrome-plating of long tube IDs and ODs chrome-plating of long bars and tubes. Scot’s in-house fleet of 75+ trucks assure on-time, consistent, and reliable delivery of product across North America.