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Technological Excellence

Our customers have exacting needs, so Scot Industries is committed to investing in technology and quality control to provide the roundest, straightest, strongest, toughest, most sophisticated product on the market. 

Through our propriety testing methods, Scot offers an array of services to assure the highest quality and to root out and correct for imperfections when they arise. A sampling of our capabilities and methods include:

1. Technical Services:

Title of the document
For: What: How: Results:
Customers Phone and e-mail consultation Testing – mechanical, metallurgical, and chemical Better information
Scot sales and other groups Materials evaluation Analysis Better trained and equipped sales staff
Potential customers Failure analysis Conclusions Development of improved processes
Suppliers On site visits Recommendations Development of new products
Technical presentation Quality improvement
On site consultation Technical advantages
Plant Tour
Title of the document
Testing Equipment Includes
Sample Preparation Mechanical Test Equipment Metallurgical Examination Other
Saws – abrasives, band, carbide blades Tensile Testers Rotary grinding/polishing wheels Salt Spray Chamber
Lathes, mills, CNC equipment Charpy Impact testers with chillers to -40° F Sample Press Chemical Analysis
Shot blaster, grinders, belt sanders Hardness testers Stereo and Inverted Microscopes  
    Digital image analysis  
    SEM analysis  
    Micro-Hardness tester  

2. Development of New Products, Processes and new markets:

Tubes, Bars, Pins and shafts
Scot Industries is continuously searching for:

  • New products
  • Better quality
  • New processes
  • New markets

3. Vendor Approval:

  • Visit plants to evaluate manufacturing processes and technologies
  • Evaluate product quality
  • Continuously looking for cost effective solutions and/or high quality producers

We are here to support sales and help customers.